Mission Standards
Customer Testimonials

"I live a hundred miles away. I choose to come here because of
the personnel…the quality of the work…It’s a pleasant experience
each and every time I’ve ever been here."

"We bought a lot of products from them.  I’ve bought three jackets.
She’s got two jackets, a helmet.  Uh…we bought two bikes.  And in
about a year and a half, I’ll buy another one.  I’ll buy a cruiser."
I live in Evansville and I’ll ride 60 miles to a Pro Yamaha dealer for my service, to buy my bikes, for accessories, for anything I need.
Dealer Testimonials

"Our Star lounge…the whole concept was...where customers can come relax…Star groups can have meetings…we have coffee and we have soda machines and refreshment.  You come over here, we got a pool table for the kids.  This is a lifestyle and this is us."

Many customers come in and say I chose you because I saw you on the website as a Pro Yamaha dealership.

"Pro Yamaha is Business 101.  Yamaha took, in my opinion, a brilliant step backwards to the basis of business:  customer service.  We all have good product.  We’re all similarly priced.  So how are we going to separate ourselves as a manufacturer and a dealer. And the way they did that was through Pro Yamaha and customer service."

  You check yourself. Am I doing the right thing? Are we doing the right training? Am I spending the time that I need to get my people trained? Are we taking care of the customer?  
  A guy can drop his motorcycle off when we open and pick it up when he gets off work is something that we do that none of the other dealers in this area are doing.  
  Treat the customer like he wants to be treated. Take care of all his needs and they will come back and they’ll send their friends back.  

"Servicing that right the first time is key…in a timely manner…tire and oil changes on the spot.  Every unit that gets serviced at our dealership goes to our wash bay and gets washed."

  We find out that 9 out of 10 customers that are completely satisfied will come back and repurchase from you.  You know, since Jeff’s been here, we’ve purchased 30 to 45 products.  
  Since we’ve taken on Pro Yamaha as a I say, we’ve seen more repeat business…we actually see the customer in the store like family. They bring their friends in, they bring their family in.  
  But still, the best thing about all that Pro Yamaha…goes right back to CSI...taking care of the customer.